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2013-04-22 陳康年 Ice Fishing in Canada

posted Apr 24, 2013, 6:34 PM by Web Master   [ updated Apr 24, 2013, 6:43 PM ]

Dear Classmates,


In response to the Marathon run some of our classmates have been dedicated to, Chan Hong Nin 陳康年, from Edmonton, is sharing one hobby which I believe are new to many of us.  Please see the attached pictures and the below mail to share his fun.  Hong Nin cordially extends his invitation to each of us to visit Edmonton.  If time fits, he will be more than happy to take you to experience this excitement.


Thanks for the sharing, Hong Nin.


Wing Sin

Don’t Forget 141122



From: Don Chan
Sent: Monday, April 22, 2013 1:32 AM
To: Tin, Wing
Subject: Ice Fishing in Canada


Wing Sin,

Thank you for sharing the gorgeous photos and update on our marathon runners. I am proud of them. Much appreciated. I would like to share my experience in ice fishing with you. As you may know, the extremely cold winter in Canada gives the impression to most people that people stay indoor most of the time. However, there is the fun side of the cold weather. My wife, Cindy and I have been going out to catch the big one outdoor on frozen lakes. After all, we have delicious fish for supper. I would like to invite our classmate to come to Edmonton to join us for the fun fishing. By the way, the ice fishing season is from Christmas to mid-March. Photos attached. Enjoy.

The lake is frozen in winter with 1 to 3 feet of ice. We drive on the ice and park the car on ice. The water under the ice is around 10 feet deep. The photos show the power auger for drilling holes through the ice. Set up a tent to block the sunlight and keep warm.

Drop a fishing line through the hole and watch the fish bite. The little TV monitor in the tent in front of me is for watching the fish. I drop the underwater camera through the ice, the cable is hooking up to the monitor, so that I can see the fish. It is fun to watch the fish swimming around and take the hook.    

Take care.

Don Hong Nin Chan